Why To Love Your Haters

Inspired By  Robin Sharma
10 mins

Quick Summary

You can be a history maker or you can be liked by everyone around you. You can't be both.

The very nature of living your personal greatness and doing something other worldly in this world of ours, means you're going to have to think differently from the majority. You're going to have to install the habits and routines that most people don't do. You're going to have to live, walk, talk, work, produce, create in a way that most people just don't buy into.

Without judgement, most people in the world today are addicted to entertainment, they love gossiping, their negative, they're toxic... Anyone who wants to do anything great they want to bring them down. They dismiss the game changers and they're just coasting through life. 

The very nature of you stepping up your game, living your greatest potential, owning your craft, dominating your field and living a life that legendary means that you're going to have to make a decision that only a very few people do

What does that mean?

It means you're going to be laughed at, ridiculed, misunderstood (because leadership is a lonely sport) and it means you just might be hated. 

Mastery breeds cynics, so there is great value when people start to hate you.

Jay-Z said "I really knew that I was having influence in the popular culture when people started hating me."


Why do people laugh at you?

Deep inside they know they have the opportunity to do something great too. Your example makes them feel guilty. At a subconscious level, it brings up the guild and shame of potential unexpressed. 

We all know, at a deep level, that we are born into innocence of ridiculously great potential. We have so much more in us that we are currently not expressing to the world. We know that we have the opportunity of mastery every day. 

It is because of our weaker nature that we don't live it. We watch too much TV, we gossip, we miss opportunities, we allow fear versus bravery to rule the day and we don't install the habits of mastery as genius is less about your genes and more about your habits. 

It's a lot easier to throw rocks at the icons than to do what the icons did to make them so successful. 

  • The majority, look for a life of ease - watch the easy videos, hang out with the easy people, speak the easy conversation, do the easy work...
  • Then you have the rare air producers - who read the difficult books, they go to the difficult training courses, they make the time to get up early and watch the online training. They have the difficult conversation, they push themselves to the edges of their limits because when you go to your limits, your limits expand. That's how you grow.

You do have a choice. You can listen to your haters, be one of the haters, you can dismiss people who are doing great things or you can reach into yourself and ask yourself this fundamental question.

What do I want to stand for, for the rest of my life?

Do I really want to rise to mastery? Do I want to get to the last hour of my last day and know that I took every ounce of the human potential I was blessed with and through easy times and difficult times I brought it on. As a result of my values, my mindset, my heartset, my habits, my disciplines, I owned my game. I model possibility. I served lots of people. I lived a great life. Even though people threw stones at me, I took those stones and constructed a monument of mastery that stands as my legacy. 

If you live like that, you'll be one of the great ones.  

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