Why Is It Important Not To Take Ourselves So Seriously?

Inspired By  Sean Stephenson
12 mins

Quick Summary

This will make you laugh and smile. Sean shares some great insights on the power of laughter, when you feel you are deep in your stuff and completely stuck,  some great questions to ask yourself and much more. 

Sean is a best selling author of Get Off your But, is a board-certified therapist, and has inspired millions of people around the globe. He will encourage you, challenge you, and make you laugh.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Sean:

  • One of the biggest challenges we face in life and how to overcome it
  • The Big “D”: How to transform adversity into one of the most profound experiences of your life
  • Why faking it until you make it is NOT useful advice and what to do instead
  • The Power of Laughter: Sean tells a hilarious story that took place in an elevator on Capitol Hill
  • How to make peace with your inner bully and transform your life
  • A simple question you can ask yourself that will help you get out of any mess or problem

Recorded Live From the Genius Network Annual Event.

Feeling Inspired - Use the notes functionality to answer these questions

When you feel you are deep in your stuff and completely stuck, the question you want to ask yourself is

‘What’s funny about this?’

The second question is ‘Who can I reach out to, to help me?’

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