Why Does Essentialism Help Us Create a Life That Really Matters?

Inspired By  Greg McKeown
12 mins

Quick Summary

It today's modern world, we’ve been conned into believing that we have to do everything! This is a brilliant video about eliminating/delegating or passing on to others what is non-essential for us to do so we can design the life we want to. 

Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less

If you don’t prioritise your life someone else will

Have you ever found yourself stretched too thin at work or at home? Too busy but not product? Say ‘yes' just to please, appease or just to avoid trouble?

Why do too many people find themselves stretched at work or at home?

The reason is success. You get focused on becoming successful, looking for new options and opportunities but often an undisciplined pursuit of more. Success can easily become a catalyst for failure. 

You have to become successful at success. The disciplined pursuit of less is better  

Life is just so fast and so consuming with the nonessential of our times. It takes slow growth to change our mindset to do the right things at the right times for the right reasons. By being a 'yes' person, you can get too stressed and the quality of your work can go down.

'What is essential and what can I eliminate that is not?’

Ask yourself that question and you will find a way to get your life back, look after yourself, have better relationships and have more creative freedom. 

You can do a few things superbly well or lots of things averagely well.

Doesn’t it matter that we figure out how to create space to design a life around the things that really matter most to us? The essential few?

Life is fast and we’ve been conned into believing that we have to do everything. The impact of that is that we make a millimetre progress in a million directions. 
We can make a different choice. We can learn over time, through slow growth that we can become essentialist. Live a life that really matters. 

Some juicy questions 

What is essential to get done? 

What do you do superbly/love doing/what energises you?

What actions do you do that drain your energy?

What can you delegate to others or discuss with your colleagues that you would like to do less of? 

Are you going to take the necessary actions (or non-actions) to do more of what energises you and less of what doesn’t?

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