What do you have to GET in order to be happy?

Inspired By  Dr. Srikumar Rao
18 mins

Quick Summary

This post is well worth watching. By having a clear understanding of real happiness we can take our focus of what we 'think' makes us happy and put our attention on what really makes us happy. It's a beautiful way to live.

Anything that you can get you can also loose. Where does that leave you? Things come and go but what's inside of us is always there. 

There is nothing that you have to get, do or be in order to be happy. Happiness is your natural state of being.

You cannot not be happy. If happiness is my innate nature how come I’m not experiencing it and my life sucks?

We are trained and learn to be happy and buy into the mental models of all those around us, family, society, peers...

The model we buy into is the 'If then... model.' If I have a million dollars, I will then be happy (is there any truth in this?)

What is the particular IF that you are focusing on?

The 'if then' model is flawed, not us. This is how we've learned to be happy.

Then we spend a lot of time changing the IF - i.e. now I’m a millionaire I’m not happy so I want to be a billionaire.

How much is enough and why do we need it?

So, how do we find happiness?

Accept the universe exactly as it is. Remember a time when you were watching a beautiful sunset. In this moment you accepted everything as it is. You didn't say to yourself 'if that tree wasn't on the horizon it wouldn't be perfect.' You just accepted everything in the moment. Your inmate nature surfaces in these beautiful locations and your problems just drop away.

The key to not being trapped in the 'if then' model

  • Actions - are within your control.
  • Outcome - is completely out of your control. You will get drained if you focus on the outcome.

We invest in the outcome which causes frustration. Instead invest in the process, the actions we take, the path, the journey towards our goal or vision. In the day to day journey if you're giving it your best that is where you will find your happiness. 

Focus on the process. Invest yourself completely in the process. Don't anchor your wellbeing to the outcome. Have no attachment to the outcome. When your passion is ignited the external world will rearrange itself and support you. You will see miracles happening. You’ll find that everyday is a blast.

We've all experienced our lives being intertwined with destiny and the synchronicities of life. 

Passion exists inside you, not outside, in the job, your bank account, things, toys etc.

Can you ignite some passion where you are now?

Is this a journey you want to take? Is this a place where you want to give your best every day? Can you loose attachment to the outcome?



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