What Choices Can Change Your Life?

Inspired By  Caroline Myss
25 mins

Quick Summary

Choice is a fundamental power of the human experience. More so than what we currently think. You may be surprised at what choices actually matter and are the most significant in our lives that impact our biology, soul, sense of who we are and our wellbeing. 

Some key statments

Studying the power of choice should be a school curriculum. The power of the choice you make have infinite consequences.

Choice is the most powerful thing we have going for us and we know it. That's the reason we are terrified to make choices. 

Here is a list of choices that matter, that make a difference

I choose to live an integrous life

Are you going to walk your talk and live with integrity? By doing this you will not betray or compromise yourself.

"I am not going to put myself or another person in a circumstance in which I know they are uncomfortable in order to please me. I won't hold another person captive because that has no integrity. I will not do that." 

People who blame others for things that they do, they know it. Your body, mind and soul know what you do. 

I make the decision to not pass on my suffering, but my wisdom

Go harvest your wisdom. What do you want to pass on? Do you choose wisdom or woe?

I make the decision to take risks in my life

Don't wait for proof, take risks. When you get ill, you will always hit the regret stage... I should of done... You'll visit the life you should of lived. Fear stops us but you can ask yourself 'How many of my greatest fears have really happened?' Then ask 'What are the best things that happened to me and did those experience happen because I made the choice?' 

Don't take the safe path. Say to yourself 'It's time for something new.' Be in the newness and don't be afraid of it. 

I choose new words 

Your thoughts and your words are powerful.

Some great questions to ask ourselves are;

  1. What are 3 words that you will never use again?
  2. What are the words you say to yourself?
  3. What are words you should never utter again to yourself?

The vibration of your neurology can include thoughts that are so toxic that even if you do visualisation, it is offset by a vocabulary that is fundamentally hostile.

I choose to get up every day and bless my day

Say "I have no idea what is going to be in my day but I bless it because I am alive. This day of my life will never come again. I will never experience the people, the sunset, the day just as it will be today again."

Don't base your gratitude on your life for what you have or feel but just because you are. This practice will bring you into the present moment with gratitude and love.

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