What are the Keys to Business, Marketing and Sales Success?

Inspired By  Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi
58 mins

Quick Summary

Three strategies that have created over a billion dollars in business, daily habits for greater freedom, and more in this sit-down interview and discussion with Joe Polish, Dean Graziosi and Brendon Burchard.

Some key insights from the intervew

  • 1:07 Joe introduces two marketing geniuses that have impacted millions – one has done over a billion in business with his brand and the other has generated millions of followers
  • 2:03 Every day, MILLIONS of people watch, read, or listen to them online
  • 2:59 The Genesis of Growth.com
  • 3:26 Who is Dean Graziosi?
  • 8:04 Who is Brendon Burchard?
  • 10:40 The content you create is always out here producing results for you.
  • 12:50 “Don’t just think about all the lives you’ve touched, integrate it.” -Brendon Burchard
  • 13:30 If you don’t allow yourself to feel the win you won’t be as confident about your work as you should be.
  • 15:15 Many people would benefit more by going to a three day seminar than attending a semester of college.
  • 16:05 “You can have the best product in the world but if you don’t know how to market it, good luck.” -Joe Polish
  • 17:30 Entrepreneurs often get deeply involved in creating the product and treat marketing as a secondary process.
  • 19:00 None of the systems matter if you don’t understand the mind of your prospect.
  • 19:50 “No preparation, no perfect script, no perfect slides, will outperform authenticity and passion.” -Dean Graziosi
  • 21:00 Love your product so much that you are doing a disservice to your prospect by not selling them.
  • 21:25 Live inside the mind of your client.
  • 22:15 Finish conversations that your clients and prospects are having, not that you’re having.
  • 22:55 People need to feel understand, not that they understand you.
  • 27:15 “If you’re not running a Facebook video ad to a page selling something for $49 or $97, you’re not marketing yet.” -Brendon Burchard
  • 29:30 “You’re job as marketers is to raise your audience’s ambition.” -Brendon Burchard
  • 31:30 Permission marketing is not effective anymore, the culture has changed.
  • 34:00 You have to watch someone do your thing to truly understand their struggles.
  • 35:30 Specifically describe something that you’ve seen people struggling with.
  • 37:55 The best copy for your business will be written by your audience.
  • 42:00 If you don’t understand how your client feels as they go through your funnel you’re doing a disservice to your bottom line.
  • 48:55 “Own your morning.” -Brendon Burchard
  • 49:10 Brendon’s morning routine and daily rituals
  • 51:45 Dean Graziosi’s daily routines and rituals
  • 51:45 Lower the level of gratitude
  • 54:15 Switch what you have to do today to what you get to do today
  • 56:10 Honor the struggle

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