The Power Of The Heart

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The Power Of The Heart - Simply One Question - One Q

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WOW! A brilliant video explaining how powerful the energy of our heart really is. I highly recommend a watch. 

There is one tradition from a tribe called the Kogi, that deeply acknowledge the power and relationship to the heart. For the first few years of their lives their children are kept separate from the physicality of the world. 

This reason is to develop the inner knowing of their heart first before they develop the perceptions of the world around them. Their entire frame of reference becomes heart based and that is the perspective of which they being to experience their world, rather than the minds discounting the power of the heart. 

We need to cultivate our heart intelligence to inform us of relationships and experiences that we cannot perceive through our mind alone. 

Heart coherence research

The institute of HeartMATH are scientists, engineers, medical doctors, computer scientists, physicists and academics that come together from many careers for the soul purpose of exploring the human heart in ways that we have never explored in the west.

The heart does so much more than simply pump blood

The human heart is surrounded by a field of electrical, magnetic energy. This field is called a tube torus and it looks like a donut that extends from the physical heart around us for about 5 - 8 feet. If they had better equipment they would be able to measure the full distant of the this energy which could be for many miles on the physical level. On the quantum level it's probably infinite. 

If we are in a room with people, we are sharing a heart field with them. The longer we are in that room together, the more our fields begin to meld together.

There is a relationship between the heart and brain where they being to tune together. It is the signal from the heart to the brain that tells the brain what kind of chemistry to release in the body.

The quality of that signal is called coherence.

When we have a high coherence between the heart and the brain (which can be measured), it's a very low frequency 0.01 hertz, it's optimum coherence. When we generate that coherence, it means that we are functioning optimally. This is the best signal we can create and our brain will release powerful chemicals into our body. Super immune response comes from 0.01 hertz.


There is a new science - Epigenetics. Epi - means above genetics. Something happening above our DNA that influences our DNA. The studies are showing that heart based emotion is one of the signals that literally influences the DNA in our bodies. 

Longevity is directly linked to these feelings. Emotion is a signal that will turn on many parts of the body that we would otherwise look to doctors for chemicals and drugs to do just that. 

How do we age?

The ageing process happens because the telomeres at the end of our DNA become brittle and each time the cell divides, a little bit of that telomere breaks off because it is brittle. When it breaks off enough times it cannot reproduce and that's what we call the ageing process in the cell.

The bodies have an enzyme to heal the telomeres called telomerase. The question is how do we activate telomeras?

What has been found is that the quality of the emotion between the heart and the brain literally can activate a telomerase and have a direct impact upon ageing of our bodies.

What kinds of emotions create the effects that reverse ageing?

The emotions that our mother has always told us about - positive, heart-based emotions such as care,  gratitude, appreciation and compassion. 

It's the experiences that we have in our body that literally give our bodies a new lease on life. The chemistry response to those. 

If we can marry the wisdom of the past with the best science today into something that's greater than the science all by itself and greater than the spiritual traditions all by themselves, that gives us the evolutionary edge to help face the crisis in our world today. 

Embrace the wisdom of the past and honour our best science today. 

HearthMath website

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