The Power of Introverts

Inspired By  Susan Cain
19 mins

Quick Summary

Introverts, please listen to this. You are at your best and most powerful in your quiet moments. Do not ever feel guilty or bad about enjoying your own space. Embrace it and explore deeply in this space. From here, you will bring your extraordinary talents and ideas to the world.

Some key statements from the talk

Introverts feel at their most alive in quiet moments. The key to maximising their talents is to put them in the zone of stimulation. 

According to research, introverts are more knowledgeable.

Introverted leaders deliver better outcomes than extroverted leaders because they let other people run with their ideas.

When psychologists look at the most advanced minds, they are introverts because they have a period of solitude and creativity.

 Darwin took long walks and turned down dinner parties. Hewlett Packard success comes from being an introvert in his early years. Same with Steve Wozniak (Apple).

Solitude matters - there is a great power in solitude 

We cannot be around people without unconsciously picking up and mimicking their opinions. Groups of people naturally follow the most domineering or charismatic person in the room, even if they aren’t the best talker or have the best ideas. Rather than letting the most dominant person lead, it’s much better for people to go off on their own and look at their own ideas and then come back together and talk about it. 

Why do we make introverts so guilty about going off all the time?

Our western culture favours the man of action rather than the person of contemplation. Going from an agriculture society to a big business society, people feel they need to prove themselves, stand out, have personality and charisma, be a great salesman...

The best thing we can do for introverts is to give them more freedom to be themselves. They will more likely come up with solutions to our current world problems because of their reflection and creativity. 

3 calls for action with people who share the same vision:

  1. Stop the madness for constant group work. We can have social areas in work but we need much more privacy and autonomy in work. Kids need to learn how to work on their own because that is where deep thought comes from.  

  2. Have your quiet time - in the woods, walking…

  3. Take a good look at what’s inside your own suitcase. Introverts may hide what’s in their suitcase but I hope you will open up your suitcases for the world to see because the world needs you and it needs the things you carry

Have the courage to speak softly

I really felt this statement:

I hope you will open up your suitcase (your learnings, wisdom, experience, you) for the world to see because the world needs you and it needs the things you carry. 

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