The Keys to Marketing Your Business

Inspired By  Joe Polish
25 mins

Quick Summary

Marketing is so important for a business so you really need to know what you are doing.  Here is a great interview for some tips to marketing your business. 

Selling is what you do when you're on the phone on face to face with people.

Marketing is what you do to get someone on the phone with you. It's about getting them them positied.

Marketing is how to get people;

  1. pre-interested
  2. Pre-motivated
  3. Pre-qualified and
  4. Pre-disposed to do business with you. 

Some key areas of the interview

  • 1:55 Importance of Understanding Marketing
  • 3:35 Donald Trump: Master of Communication
  • 4:47 Key Principles to Get Started in Marketing
  • 6:54 Write Sales Letter
  • 10:43 Education Based Marketing
  • 14:29 Invest in Copy Before Design
  • 17:00 You can have an ELF Business or a Half Business
  • 18:28 One Book to Buy and Read?
  • 19:48 Joe Polish 3 Truths
  • 21:50 Joe Polish Definition of Greatness

Interview by Lewis Howes

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