The Key to Longevity in Business is Originality

Inspired By  Robin Sharma
The Key to Longevity in Business is Originality - Simply One Question - One Q

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Powerful idea: the key to longevity in business is originality.

Those caught up in the 95% are all competing with each other, suffering from the brutal trap of the commoditisation of their products and hurting from inevitable price drops that come with that race to the bottom.

Business-builders in The Top 5% run a very different race...

...rather than competing they are creating.
...rather than copying they are making.
...rather than following they are leading.

And as a result, these rare-air professionals receive dramatically more in income, applause and opportunity.

Sure, I understand that it's so much easier to replay the winning formulas that have worked for you in the past and that your industry peers have used with success.

But that's a guarantee of irrelevance. And obsolescence.

Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, my loving suggestion is that you go blue ocean.

Venture out into the foreign territory of products and services that the world has never seen. That fill a massive void. And then make them so breathtakingly great that no one can resist them.

You see, to leap to legendary and utterly dominate your field, you need to absolutely disrupt the status quo and the way things have always been done in your marketplace.

Think Harry Potter, Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Miles Davis, Red Bull, The Crosby Street Hotel and Warren Buffett.

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