The Fictional Stories Human's Have Created and Believed That Has Influenced All of Our Lives

Inspired By  Yuval Noah Harari
5 Mins

Quick Summary

After reading Yuval Noah Harai's book Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Kind, my perspective on us as Human Beings and how we have evolved was definitely blown open and expanded. This short little video gives an insight into our objective reality and how we have grabbed on to fictional realities and made them very real in our lives today. 

We can talk about things that don't exist, that only exist in our own imagination in the stories that we have invented. The easiest examples are religion, our legal system, our political system, money is also just a story.

If enough people believe a story it becomes an extremely effective story

Millions of strangers are willing to do amazing things and sometimes terrible things just for colourful pieces of paper - money. This is the power of the human imagination.

Human beings live in a dual reality. Other animals live only inside and objective reality. We humans also live in this reality but we also have another reality. We also live inside a fictional reality. A reality that we invented that only exists in our imagination. A reality that contains things like nations which are just the stories that we have invented which contains money, is populated by Gods, has human rights...

What is more amazing about history is not only that humans inhabit this dual reality, the layer of objective and fictional reality, but that over time fictional reality has become more and more powerful. Today, our objective reality, the trees and animals etc survival depends on the imaginary stories that Homo Sapiens have invented.

Here is a test

Try to see what are you thinking about, what are you worried about in your day to day life?

You may find that you think very little about real things like trees, rivers and animals as most of the day people are often occupied with by these fictional ventures like money, nations, Gods and corporations.

My question would be;

'If I have been influenced by fictional realities created to influence us, which ones do I want to become aware of so I can choose to unplug from to live a more empowered life?' The next question I find myself asking is 'What positively geared fictional realities do I want to believe in and/or create?'

It's such an interesting concept that really has opened my mind.

If you are interested in delving into how we became the humans that we are today I highly recommend this book Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Kind 

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