The Art of Fear - Making Friends With It Instead of Avoiding It

Inspired By  Kristen Ulmer, Vishen Lakhiani
The Art of Fear - Making Friends With It Instead of Avoiding It - Simply One Question - One Q

Quick Summary

I loved this interview (podcast below) so much that I bought her book straight afterwards! This is something I'm really embracing and find it so powerful in being able to be more present and connected with more of my whole self. If you're looking for me internal freedom, this is a brilliant book to read. 

"No matter what the problem is, it always comes back to the avoidance of fear."

“Sometimes we humans need a gentle shift to continue our journey in the right direction that supports our growth. Ending the un-winnable war with Fear and making friends with it instead, is one of those shifts.”

~Kristen Ulmer, THE ART OF FEAR

In this interview Kristen touches on;

  • The most fearless thing she’s pulled off as an athlete
  • The fears Kristen suffered during her childhood that shaped who she is today
  • How fear limits us in our day-to-day lives, especially in our careers
  • How fear holds us back from relationships and other dimensions of our lives
  • The fear of people’s reactions and how we can best navigate uncomfortable situations
  • The fear of making potentially damaging decisions towards others
  • How we could be balancing a big idea with the fear of failure Kristen’s transition from being a pro-skier to a fear specialist
  • How Kristen teaches the art of fear to her students
  • How societal conditioning in our language has shaped our perspective towards fear

Kristen's Book The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won't Work and What to Do Instead

A few quotes from The Art of Fear

If something is going wrong in your life, the only question to ask is: What dark shadow about yourself are you unwilling to look at and own? And, more important, what latent Fear are you refusing to acknowledge? Look at this and all of your problems and behaviour can finally be explained and addressed.

It comes down to this question: Is it really Fear that prevents you from achieving your potential? Or is it your misguided judgment and resistance to Fear that prevents you from achieving your potential?

I love this one below!

It’s not just your negative beliefs that keep you stuck; it’s ALL beliefs. We hold onto them like they are ours!

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