Rescuing Yourself, Overcoming Fear, and Finding Success By Serving Others

Inspired By  Lisa Nichols
55 mins

Quick Summary

WOW! What an interview. Lisa Nichols is not a motivational speaker, an inspirational speaker or an informational speaker, she is a transformational speaker. She says most people want the convince of transformation without the inconvenience required for transformation. The thing is you have to be willing to make radical transformation in your life. 


Some key statements and concepts from the interview

Be willing for the old you to die when it is not working for you anymore. Be willing to let go of everything and everybody. You have to rescue yourself first. You will be much more valuable to them then. 

We have to grow and be willing to go for it at the risk of other people's approval. It’s a lonely path. That’s why most people won’t do it. 

 There are three relationships to money - we have to learn how to earn it, how to keep it and how to grow it. 

Challenge yourself to look at every toxic behaviour in your life

Look at all these things in your life: Protect, prove, hide and defend. 

Wake up every day and say: I have nothing to protect, I have nothing to prove, I have nothing to hide and I have nothing to defend. Now, who do I choose to be?

When your energy is not consumed with this these things you move into creation so choose to be in a state of creation by removing the need to protect, prove, hide and defend. 

The world is looking at you and your example of how to treat you

Say to yourself each day;
  • I’m proud of you for... 
  • I forgive you fo... 
  • I commit to you... 

Getting out of your box

Most people live in the centre of their box. You have to get on the edge. When you get to the edge your brain is always going to want to step back because it thinks it’s going to fall. You have to learn to play between your brain and your soul. You stand at the edge watching other people live. You’re on the edge but the key is to jump and know you will be able to get back up. 

We are all ordinary people who can choose every day to make extraordinary decisions but there is no elevator to the top. You have to walk the stairs.

Be willing to be inconvenienced for your conviction.

If you go where you’ve never gone, do what you’ve never done and say what you’ve never said, you’ll become the woman or man you’ve always known yourself to be. 

Master you and your contribution to the planet. Your unique fingerprint, your an unrepeatable miracle. 

Let your investor (aka your job) stabilise your dream. Your investor takes care of your needs while you go do your passion. 

Action is the way to success

Consciousness is very important but means nothing without action. Action is the antidote for despair. Action is the prescription for success.

  • In Swahili, there is no word for 'try.' You are either going to do it or not. 
  • If you're afraid to leap ask for the courage. 
  • The truth is liberating.
  • Give people the gift of the truth. 
  • Be ok with your truth. 
  • Own all of who you are. 
  • Own you brilliance and imperfections.
  • Own your smallness and bigness.
  • Don't dim your light so others don't feel insecure around you. 

Can you give yourself permission to continue to learn what you need to but to also be your brilliance?

Interview by Tom Bilyeu Inside Quest

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