Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) - Release Tension & Trauma & Open Up Blocked Energy for Greater Well-being

Inspired By  Dr Simon Street, Estée Manning
48 mins

Quick Summary

This is an interview that is very close to my heart. Network Spinal Analysis, otherwise known as NSA, Network Chiropractic or simply Network, has played a big part in my life since the earlier half of 2017. The NSA team at Noosa Holistic Health are Dr. Rebecca Koenen, Dr. Simon Street and Dr. Shelley Axford who is head of the NSA teaching staff in Australia. I am so grateful that we have this team here in Noosa!

Working with these practitioners, I continue to learn so much about the inner workings of the intelligence within us and feel the shifts from the sessions in the life experiences that are opening up around me. Basically, as tension releases life gets easier, fuller and richer.

Most people initially start Network because of pain in their body. For me, it was to get a better handle on my emotions and in all honesty, I wanted to kick life into gear a little more. I was sensing that there was something more for me and I wanted to tap into those potentials.

As Simon mentions in this interview 'areas of tension within the body are areas of potential.' Since tension is simply bound up energy, when we release it, we become more energy efficient which means we have more energy for life.

What I find incredibly fascinating is how particular types of stress or tension are stored in the body - anxiety, anger, fear of the future, flight or fight, living in the headspace, identity issues.
So Network provides a space of safety so we can let go of that tension, that stress and then experience higher levels of expression and potential.

Even the brilliant Tony Robins says that nothing has helped transform his body more than working with Donny Epstein, the founder of NSA. In the below resources area, there is a YouTube video where Tony shares his story of how much pain he used to be in, in his 20's and 30's and now in his 50's he feels so much stronger than he ever has physically because of working with Donny. He also shares how he has more access to strategies within his nervous system which has to do with accessing deeper levels of consciousness.

In this interview with Dr. Simon Street, we touch on what NSA is, how it can help with physical, emotional and chemical stress, the healing wisdom within the body, the most common patterns that people experience, Network for all ages, the power of breathwork, the Network experience and so much more.

In this podcast, you'll discover;

  • Simons shares his story of how his chronic knee pain led him back to chiropractic work and then onto NSA.
  • The explanation of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

    Chiropractic was founded on the healing wisdom within the body.
    There is an intelligence within the body that is beyond our conscious mind that knows what to do when for example you get a cut. That healing intelligence is expressed through the nervous system. I'm providing a mirror so that person can do their own healing. It's all there within all of us, we just need a reminder here or there sometimes.

  • How emotional and physical tension get stuck in the body and how they affect the nervous system
  • HeartMath - The energetic field that the heart generates
  • Reorganisational Healing
  • Study with Dr Kirschner
  • Network for older people and kids
  • Other healthy wellness habits we can do to support our nervous system
  • The power of breathwork and your mind. This also very much compliments anyone in Network care.
  • There are 5 main common patterns that are held within our bodies. They are held within certain vertebra that are linked with certain stress or tension patterns that get held throughout the meningeal system. There are 5 main phases of tension that the body stores. It's an intelligent response to trauma - physical, emotional, chemical trauma. The body in its wisdom has an intelligent response to store these stress patterns which is basically the highest choice that it has at that point in time.
  • Holiday wellness experiences - how people can integrate Network this into their holiday experience and their life

    To notice where there are areas of tension is to notice where there are areas of potential. Tension is bound up energy and that energy, if we can release it, then it becomes more energy efficient. That is energy that no longer needs to be expending as tension which means it's free energy for life.

  • How people feel after they experience Network
  • What helps align Simon in continuing to create a happy healthy life
  • Final shared message (gorgeous response)!


  • Noosa Holistic Health are generously offering an introductory special price for 3 NSA sessions for our listeners. All you need to do is mention 'Pebble Design' for the special price.
  • Dr Kirschner Podcast - the study mentioned in interview and

    'Reorganisations healing' - to help the nervous system reorganise at a higher level of integrity, a higher level of integration and a higher level of complexity so people are continuing to heal.

  • Noosa Holistic Health
  • HeartMath LLC - Measure your heart coherance
  • Tony Robins Youtube Review - entertaining and heart felt review of NSA and Donny Epstein.

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