Meditation | A Guided Visualization for Better Performance

Inspired By  Emily Fletcher
7 mins

Quick Summary

This meditation shows you how to access the power of now to create a life that energises you and brings you greater joy and fulfilment. 

How do I access the power of now?

Left brain is in charge of the past and the future, language and critical thought, analytical thought... It's a really necessary tool.  

Right brain is in charge of intuition, creativity, connectedness and the right now. 

Your bliss and fulfilment hang out in the right here and the right now. 

Guess where most of us hang out? In the left brain - reviewing the past, rehearsing the future. That's where ALL of our stress comes from. 

If you can come back into the right here and the right now, the truth is, you are fine.

You have to come back to the right here and the right now to experience your joy, which is the only place that it ever exists.  

We access that place through our right brain. The questions is how? You can do that through a meditation called 'Come to Your Senses.' 

This is a beautiful practice to put into place where you can feel that 'thing' inside you that lights you up and energises you and picture it as if it's happening right now. Watch the video and spend time with this each day to create  

Watch the video and spend time with this each day to create the true, authentic inspiration that will bring you the biggest joy and fulfilment in life. 

Ziva Meditation

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