Kaizen: The Art of Improving 1 Percent Each Day

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Kaizen: The Art of Improving 1 Percent Each Day - Simply One Question - One Q

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One of the keys to having a great day!
KAIZEN, a Japanese saying - Strive to improve by just 1% each day.

It simply boils down to having HOPE.



When your energy is invested in a direction that you are hopeful about, all those involved are engaged and focused on a goal, there is a greater feeling of excitement for what you are setting out to achieve.

The process breaks down from someone first have and inspired idea or vision for what needs to be done. This inspiration often comes from having seen, read, heard, watched something that SPARKED an idea.

From this inspiration ideas are discussed with others for input and additions of more ideas and most importantly, more energy.

As energy builds a clear goal formulates and a direction is decided on. This simple process creates HOPE. When we feel hope, we are energised to move forward and take actions in the direction of our goal.

The clearer the goal, the more focused we will be and be able to auto correct when we start manifesting results good or bad. Having HOPE is essential to take action, to DO not just intellectualise.

When we start DOING, this can feel uncomfortable as there is fear of failure and a myriad of other feelings that begin to emerge from our learned patterns of living. When we focus on the feeling of HOPE and keep our focus on our goal, we can more easily adjust our sails and keep taking actions towards our goal.

I find this very simple formula is often forgotten by many of the clients we work with and to be honest I forget myself some days when the excessive distractions of the world overwhelm me.

A deep breath to focus on the feeling of HOPE and the goal at hand gets me on my way again.

I love the philosophy of KAIZEN, a Japanese saying - Strive to improve by just 1% each day. It is these small incremental steps that add up to SUCCESSES. You achieve lots of smaller goals in the direction of larger goals.

Start each day off with an INTENTION for one thing that you can focus on, create an emotional connection to the feeling of HOPE and start taking small steps/actions, get busy and HUSTLE with HOPE. See how much better your day turns out.

If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

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