Intermittent Fasting: Your Guide How To Lose Fat, Gain Muscle And Feel Fantastic

Inspired By  Tyler Tolman
11 mins

Quick Summary

This video is about optimal eating. It’s focused on fresh fruits, salads, vegetables, nuts and seeds, activated grains… whole foods in general. On a diet of wholefoods, you will start to feel better. 

There are optimal times to be eating as well. For thousands of years, there are specific cultures that only eat at certain times for optimal health. The Essene's and the Chinese have specific charts about when the bodies are going through certain processes. It’s called intermittent fasting. 

Intermittent Fasting is one of the latest crazes in body building and athletics these days. People are able to lose a lot of fat and augment their muscles. This is a really good diet for staying strong but cutting the fat. 

Any disease - cancer, heart disease, diabetes… all these major diseases are all directly related to the excess weight people hold. If you lose fat, the chances of getting these diseases decrease radically. You can reverse these diseases as well.

Getting onto a proper type of optimal eating for optimal times is optimal!

The 3 x 8 hour periods

If we honour these 3 x 8 hour periods, our bodies will become so much healthier. Even if you continue to eat the same things but change the times in which you eat those things you would already radically improve your health. If you go to a more plant-based foods diet along with proper times you are really going to experience an amazing level of energy, health and vitality. Yes, there will be detox, cleansing and stuff that comes up and out because you’re going to start to clean out all the years of stuff that you’ve been putting in that isn’t the best. 

1. 8 hours of detoxification - 4 am to noon

This time is optimal for your body to be in detoxification. Optimally, just drink water. You can add lemon juice. 

The things you can do to support detoxification

  1. Deification (#2) - walking and drinking water activates this process. 
  2. Urination - drink lots of water.
  3. Perspiration (sweating) - every morning we should be sweating - exercising or sweating to get the lymphatic system moving. You can use guasha in the shower or dry skin brushing. 
  4. Respiration (breathing) - breathing exercises - breathing in for 7 sec, hold for 7, out for 7, hold for 7. You can do this for 5 mins. This will get you balanced. Breath in through the nose (alkalizing the body) and out through the mouth (you will be blowing out a lot of acids).

You will be ok to do strength training, martial arts… and be ok not eating until noon. 

Your body stores all the amino essential acids and all the things that your body needs. When you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning your body will have burnt through all of its glucose stores so your body will go into a fat burning mode called ketosis. This is where you maximise that fat loss and you augment (strengthen) your muscles. Then when you go into feeding time, the first dibs on your body is going to be your muscular tissue and your organs, your brain... and it will maximise your muscle growth. So first meal is at noon. 

You want to continue to burn fat in the morning and eliminate excess proteins. Your body goes into a process called autophagy or autolysis where it eliminates weakened proteins and replaces them. It’s like a renovation of your organs, muscles and body. 

2. Noon - 8pm - feeding time

What Tyler recommends for the first meal at noon is fresh fruit. It’s beautiful, it tastes amazing, you haven’t eaten for so long so it’s more of an orgasmic experience and it gets the whole digestive system lubricated. 

Something more dense for lunch
At lunchtime, you can have a sandwich (sprouted grain bread with avocado, tomato sprouts…), a wrap, a salad, soup. Tyler recommends keeping it raw until dinner. 

Dinner more protein based, complex carbohydrates, lentils, sprouted grain bread, rice, avocado, steamed vegetables, soups…

If you eat meat try to reduce the amount you eat and eat organic lean cuts. You may find when you reduce the amount of meat you eat and increase more plant-based foods you’re going to feel better. 

Your food will need a few hours to move from your stomach into your small intestine so try not eating after 6 pm or 7 pm. 

From noon to 8 pm our body wants to experience taking in food. Focusing all the energy on the stomach and digestion during that time is optimal. 

3. 8 pm to 4 am - our body wants to assimilate the nutrients

If you’re still snaking after that time, all the energy required to digest that is taken away from the optimally receiving the assimilatory process of nutrition. Allow yourself to receive that nutrition the way that you should. 

Then we need to detox from all of that moving into the next stage - 4 am to noon. 

23/1 Intermittent Fasting

There is a process called 23/1 that Tyler has been playing with and is having amazing results with it. It’s taking intermittent fasting from noon all the way up to only eating in a one hour period. He’ll start with fresh fruit and then right into complex carbohydrates Essene bread with avocado, tomato, tempeh, salad, denser foods, sometimes dessert… and he’ll go a full 23 hours not eating. 

This is based on a massive amount of science put out there supporting longevity. Cyclic fasting, caloric restriction and using this type of lifestyle maximises our lifespan. Anything that maximises our lifespan will make you feel optimal in the moment. 

You can become superhumans and lose all that fat that you don’t want on your body. You’ll be trim, your muscles are going to start expanding and growing. You’re going to have energy and feel awesome.

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