How Do You Reframe The Impossible to Be Possible?

Inspired By  Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis
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Do you ever put limits on what you think is possible for your life? If so then this post will blow that belief out of the water. Impossible is not a fact, it's an opinion. Things are only impossible till somebody does it. There is very little that is impossible. PERIOD. Your mindset is so important because as soon as you say it's impossible, it is. Have a listen to this post and give yourself permission to think big!

It's not about life/work balance, it's about life/work integration.

If you described what you do, is it work, a career or pursuing a mission?

Your mission doesn't wear you out, it brings you energy. 

Combine your mission with your friends and family. Don't feel like you're sacrificing anything otherwise you will feel resentment and frustration. 

Don't do things to just get to somewhere else. Do it because you love it. Every day is to be enjoyed. Don't fall into the social and parental "you should be..." do it from that place deep inside of you, just express who you are.

How do you reframe the impossible to be possible to include it in your mindset for it to be possible?

Impossible is not a fact, it's an opinion. Things are only impossible till somebody does it. 

The choke hold of a business is always the psychology of the leader - ALWAYS. 80% is psychology and 20% mechanics. 

 You can get any skillset if you have the psychology.

3 Things to create a breakthrough with any success in any area of your life

1. You need a strategy (it's instinctive for us to want to do this first) - The how to.

2. Really we need to start with the psychology. This is the story - our story is where we place limitations on ourselves ie "I've tried everything!" (have we really tried everything or are we just fighting for our limitations?). The key is to let go of the limitation of our story and acknowledge and allow ourselves to explore the unlimited potential of who we are. 

"Divorce the story of your limited imagination and marry the infinite possibilities."

3. The best way to do this is to train yourself to be in the ideal state. In a different state, we are different people. 

Our state determines our actions. It's not who we are, it's how we are behaving. How we choose to behave is dependent on the state we are in and are we even aware that we are in that state? 

What creates a magnificent life?

Figure out the science of achievement - if you don't know learn from someone else. Get crazy hungry for something, the desire to succeed and then massive action and effective execution - modelling what's proven models of success. Compress the time. Grace - luck - connect with all that is.

Fulfilment is an art and it is different for all of us - only we can discover/unfold what fulfils us, we can't learn this from someone else.

Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure. We crave a sense of meaning. Making everybody happy but ourselves is not a good plan.

Make a decision that no matter what happens in your life, I'm going to live in a beautiful state. Be curious, grateful, playful, happy, generous... as long as it's different to suffering. Suffering always comes because you're obsessed with something related to you.

You can only be depressed if you are focusing on yourself. 

It's not the external experiences, it's you blaming yourself for what you should or shouldn't have done or what someone did or didn't do to you in the past or the future which doesn't even exist. 

Make a decision now that I am going to live in a beautiful state and find beauty in whatever life brings me, life is too short not to. 

We suffer when we think about what other people think about us. People will be mean, unjust, unfair, beautiful, generous... we never know so make a decision to be aware.

The human mind is always looking for what is wrong. It's instinctively looking for baseline survival at all times.  

Be on fire about something more than yourself. 

 There is very little that is impossible. PERIOD. 

Your mindset is so important. As soon as you say it's impossible, it is. It's not just how do I make it possible, it's how do I make it 10 times bigger. Bold thinking moon shot.

There is a common mindset that we make things better incrementally by just 10%. The norm is to just do a little bit better, why not 10 times bigger?

3 magical things happen when you go 10 times bigger that you are truly passionate about

  1. You'll be amazed at what you come up with even if you have no idea of how to get there. Our past anchors us to where are today and you have to let go of that. 
  2. When you go 10 times bigger you get 100 times more value and it's not 100 times harder. 
  3. When you go 10 times bigger you have to re-invent things to solve the problems. 

Possible or impossible is just a state of mind. You're either looking for opportunities or excuses. 

How do you surround yourself with people who think that anything is possible?

What is your "nothing is impossible" community? 

Stop watching the news. CNN - the 'Constant Negative Network.' Don't let it pollute your mind. 

Why would you be investing in life and business when the news is reporting we are all doomed and it's all falling apart?

The world is getting better at an extraordinary rate and you can make a difference in it. There is no problem we cannot solve - period.

Life is happening for me, not to me

Whatever human beings feel, we are not our feelings, we are not our patterns. Nobody is broken, it's just our patterns. The key is to identify our patterns and break out of them by changing your perspective. 

How do you handle/deal or think about criticism?

Simply let go of really fast. Don't hold onto it. Process it in the moment to see if there is something to learn from it. 

Believe in your heart of hearts that you are doing the right thing and the best that you can. 

Not everyone wants to be happy. Opinions are a dime a dozen but impact is everything. When you do what's right you know it.  You don't need to be acknowledged for it. 

No one can take away what you become. They can take away anything you have but they can't take away who you've become. You become something unique when you find a way to grow and a way to give. 

You can have many "failures" in life but you don't have to see them that way. Growing in life IS having lots of failures but the key is not holding onto them. Instead,  learn from them and keep hustling. Life is happening for you, not to you. Everything including failure and hardship is happening for us to learn from. Embrace it, acknowledge it, let go, move on. 

We don't get in life what we want until we are ready for it. 

Sometimes you need to fire your customers. You can't make everybody happy. Some people don't want to be happy. 

Kindness is rare in our modern society. People say and write hurtful statements. It's people that feel insignificant and would never have the guts to say it to your face. We've created an environment where it's tolerated. We're disconnected from our hearts and lost in the busyness of life and our busy minds. 

We have to define our environment, our business, our family, our friends and we get what we tolerate. Also what you tolerate in yourself.

The way you live is the brand you put out there, your signature in this life.

It's the choices that we make when the shit hits the fan that can change the course and the outcome. It's the willingness to acknowledge the truth in these moments that gives you a greater perspective so you can move forward. 

It doesn't matter how rich you are, money does not give you immunity to pain. We all experience suffering. 

Some people need problems to have drama in their life to cover that fact that they are not doing anything. 

Is drama in your life serving you, or keeping you busy so you don't have to acknowledge what is really going on? Are any of these dramas a repetitive pattern? 

Infinity challenge - What am I going to do today that is going to move the day forward in a big way?

Be clear about what you enjoy doing and get other people involved in the work you don't enjoy. 

You owe it to yourself to spend time with yourself and define your vision. Start small, it might be a holiday, a car, a relationship, simply going to the gym. Stay focused on your vision. 

The body is the place that drives the mind the fastest. You can go inside your head all day trying to resolve things and find excuses but it's when you go into your body and find your inner strength, you find the why, find meaning that drives your actions.

We have to make a choice when we are not feeling great or our best we can still choose to change our state. Create a state for you to show up as your best. 

What do you need to do to put yourself into that state?

We all think we make our decisions consciously when much of our decision making is caused by contextual environmental manipulation that we are not even thinking. 

Tony Robbins explosive breathing is a great state changer.

Create 10 minutes for yourself to prime yourself. 

  1. Breathing pattern (the bridge between mind and body) - 3 sets of 10, breath in - arms push up, breath out - arms pull down.
  2. Gratitude - Focus on the emotions that will cause you to be a better you. Focus on are being grateful for 3 minutes - think of 3 things you are grateful for and why and really feel gratitude. Put yourself in the picture, embody it. It's not just the big beautiful things but make sure one of those things is something very simply like your child smile or the wind on your face. Being grateful for the simple things in life keeps up grounded and connected with the beauty in life. 
  3. 3 minutes of a visualisation (a blessing for yourself) - visualising yourself filled with energy cleansing, healing and strengthing your body, acknowledging your own strengths and qualities - loving and supporting yourself. See any problem that needs to be solved being solved. Feeling connected and filled with love, laughter, abundance, happiness, joy and then extend that energy out to your relationships, family, friends, clients... Visualise them being healed and having the life they deserve. 
  4. 3 to thrive (3 minutes) - think of 3 specific outcomes that matter to you. Don't think about achieving them, see, feel and experience them as done. See the impact that it has on people's lives it touches. Feel it as done and feel grateful. 

How would your life be different if you did prime yourself in the mornings?

As a society or culture, we are wired for stress, frustration, feeling lonely feeling separate, not connected.  We have highways to pissed off and dirt roads to happiness. You have to decide to wire yourself for a more positive perspective and to thrive. When we acknowledge what is right in front of us rather than denial and we are choosing to see the truth, the bigger picture so we can make the necessary choices to move forward. 

Interview by The Genius Network

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