How Do You Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking?

Inspired By  Lisa Nichols
9 mins

Quick Summary

There are a few questions in this short video but one which really stood out to me. It talks about staying intentional with your message, not worrying about yourself or your speech. A really great message for anyone doing presentations. 

It's not the fear of public speaking but the fear of what would happen if we say the wrong thing and people don't like you. We speak all the time to people on the phone, via text, person to person... Really it's about the fear of judgement that we hold. 

We allow our fear to grow, to fester, and without any action, the molehill becomes a mountain. Challenge your fear. 

It's not about speaking to 500 people. It's about speaking to 1 person who happens to be sitting in 500 seats. 

There is an individual who needs to hear your guidance, your heart, your compassion and your story.  

When you allow the fear of delivering a message to stop you, you're being selfish. You're making it be more about you looking good instead of making it about people being inspired. The only way Lisa found so much success is by being willing to be made a fool of so many times.  

If you're afraid of speaking, is it because you won't look good? Is it because you won't come off polished and perfect? You can't be afraid of your message and the impact it might have on someone. Stopped being so plugged into your presentation.  Plug into the possibility of the inspiration others will feel from your message.

Don't worry about your speech. Stay intentional about your message

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