How Do You Find Your Passion Using Your Desires as Nature’s GPS?

Inspired By  Emily Fletcher
18 mins

Quick Summary

A great talk by the beautiful Emily Fletcher who shares questions that can you help you tap into your desires to zero in on your passion. It's about connecting with something meaningful that is going to add deep fulfillment in your life.

If you feel inspired to answer these questions (at the bottom of the page) I'm sure you'll find some new interesting answers that you may not of quite connected with in such a way before. Time to stir those curious juices? Why not! :-)


Key statements from the talk

The average American in this day and age receives more stimuli in one week than our ancient ancestors received in their entire lives

So we want to be careful about how much media we are absorbing. 

Scientists are saying stress is the black plague of our century. Stress is responsible for over 90% of all doctors visits. 

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions so if you ask better questions, you’ll have better answers. Tony Robbins

What do I want to do is a much better question than what should I do.

How do we tell the difference between an intuitive desire and an addictive longing? MEDITATION

Meditation is the fastest way to get you out of ‘fight and flight’ into ‘stay and play.' When you’re in ‘stay and play’ you’re tapping into the source of fulfillment. 

When you meditate, within 30-40 seconds of starting your brain and body flood with dopamine and serotonin, which are bliss chemicals. You’re plugging into the source of fulfillment. If you’re filling yourself up every day, twice a day from the source of fulfillment, you come out of this meditation still with desire but the desire is not there out of addiction. It’s there to cue you as to where nature wants to use you to deliver you fulfillment. 

This takes you out of ‘I’ll be happy once I acquire my desires’ into filling up with the source of fulfillment, then we use our desires as an indicator, a guidance map of where we need to go. 

Are you need looking for fulfillment or fulfillment looking for need? What can I give to this situation, rather than what can I get?

What do I want to do right now? A great question to get into flow state. 

Turn up the volume of your intuitive voice and turn down the volume on your addictive longings then we move into a space where nature renders us choiceless. When we have fewer choices we get back a lot more energy. 

If you can start to ask yourself these questions and really commit to your meditation practice so you’re operating from a place of fulfillment instead of need then it’s almost impossible to not be lit up about your quest and not be enthusiastic about your mission. 

When you are enthusiastic about your mission you’re either going to inspire people to join you on that mission or you’re going to inspire others to find their own quest. 

Either way, we end up with a planet with a lot of people who are interested in leaving this planet better than they found it and that is a planet that I’m very interested in living in. 

Feeling inspired? Use the notes functionality to answer these questions

What are the three most pressing needs of the time to you?

How do my unique gifts best serve the need of the time? 

What are my unique gifts? Which of these gifts do I WANT to do?

What do I want to do right now?

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