Future Thinking - 10X Is Easier Than 2X

Inspired By  Dan Sullivan
53 mins

Quick Summary

If you're an entrepreneur, business owner, or someone who loves expansive thinking, then this is a must watch! You'll learn how thinking 10x bigger is much easier than thinking 2x bigger. You'll find out what the method for 10x is and the Map for 10x is.

The mindset of 10x

The mindset of 10x is a very useful thought because of capabilities of what are around us in today's modern world. It’s because of all the exponential capabilities that we are able to achieve 10x more easily in the world today.  

What is ‘x’ (10x) for entrepreneurs?

Each entrepreneur has a unique take on what the future looks like for them and each of them has a formula. Below are some areas that may be important to you where you can look at increasing 10x.

What is “X"?

Confidence, Revenue, Profits, Wealth, Free Time, Health, Fitness, Energy Levels, Reputation, Capabilities, Clients, Customers, Support, Technology, Connections... etc

All of these are factors that contribute to 10x and  entrepreneurs are the only people that have the freedom - freedom of time, profit, to work with who you want, purpose (is the big thing)... than anyone else. 

What are 3 or 4 that you would like to go after right away?

There are 4 parts

  1. Mindset 
  2. Model
  3. Method
  4. Map 

The world is going from the old traditional factory way of life to a binary and digital world. There is an emotion you have to have to get on one side of the binary.

The path that you create in the future is an emotion. 

 1 - Your 10x Mindset

  1. Future
  2. Past
  3. Present

People make up the future and they make up the past. We all do this differently. These tools are our property and we can do what we want with them.

Why 2x is bad for your brain

From the present moment, you look to your past for answers. 

If you do 2x you start with the present you don’t go to the future, you go to the past. It’s not big enough to go look for new ways outside of what you know. 2x is not very exciting. There in lies the issue. It’s not exciting. For you and if you tell someone about it, it’s not exiting for them. You try to pull as much of the past into the future and your past negotiations with you. It’s union organised! You have to justify it to your past. 

It doesn’t cause any electricity, inspiration and movement. If there is no electricity there is no excitement. 

Why 10x is good for your brain

With the 10x mindset, you start with the future not the present or past. You come back and grab the present. Because 10x is so much bigger than what you have experienced, it requires change and challenge to think that much bigger. The discover and energy then pulls your present moment towards it.  

You leave the past in another category. Don't forget about the past, just lead with the future. You have to free yourself up from the past. 

2 - The Model

  • 2x Pulling the past into the present
  • 10x being pulled from the present into the future. Let the future do the work.

Find the right inspiration and teachers to help you expand your thinking and possibilities. Learn as much as you can and look for opportunities. 

3 - The Method for 10x

  • 2x is harder - this is based on "stuff"
  • 10x is easier  - this is based on energy

In our education system, from the ages of 2 - 24 years, 99% is taught by people who don’t even believe in 2x let alone 10x. Our children have simply been taught the cost of living! That’s not very inspiring. The right teaches are key for mindset learning.  Chemically your brain changes by being inspired by others, especially if it in a seminar over a 2 day period. 

10x Method Exercise

All progress starts by telling the truth and 40% of the brain is connected to what you write/type so if you can, write down these answers. 

"Stuff" that makes you feel bad 

What are the activities, relationships, emotions and situations that drain your energy, personally and/or in your business/employment?

If you own a business, what are the things the business does that drains its energy?

Energy that makes you feel good (devoid of stuff) 

What are the activities, relationships, emotions and situations that give you energy, personally and/or in your business/employment?

If you own a business, what are the things the business does that give's it energy?

Eliminating stuff

What are some of the things you can eliminate off your "stuff" list that other people can do much better than you?

What business/personal relationships in your life go nowhere?

As entrepreneurs it's about getting your list down to 3 things that you do the best instead of doing 20 things that you are not all doing at your best and it's key you simply stick to those 3 things only.

What are 3 things you do best?

If you own a company, it's a good idea to do this with the team so they have just 3 things that energize them. You want to keep your team away from the stuff they don't like too. 

How to increase energy in your life

What is everything that you permanently love doing?

What is everything that produces growth in your life?

What is everything that grows your confidence?

What is the single activity and focus that would absolutely keep you fascinated and motivated for the rest of your life? (Build your life around this answer)

It’s fascination and motivation that entrepreneurs are pulled by. 

Actions: Every 3 months

  • Eliminate 3 areas of stuff every month
  • Increase 3 areas of energy every month

Go after the small stuff first because it gives you a hit of energy. Over 36 months you would of eliminated 36 areas of stuff and increased 36 things of energy. 

What do you think you would be like to other people after eliminating all of this "stuff?" We all send out a certain frequency and other people pick up on that. The more "stuff" the heavier the frequency. 

As you let go of more and more "stuff" it all starts to compound and become exponential. You will find you being to have access to things you didn't previously have access to, things start to move faster, you find cheaper ways to do things, you have access to more resources...

4. Your 10x Map

The Scarcity Spiral

Scarcity starts with emotion that becomes a set of emotions that become a system.

  1. Envy is the emotion that kills energy. Looking at what someone else has and wanting them not to have it. Envy is stuff. People are envious about stuff. 
  2. Envy leads to guilt (kills energy) 
  3. Then there is blame (kills energy)
  4. Leads to sense of massive unfairness (kills energy)
  5. Depletion (kills energy)
  6. Zero-sum - if you have something it means I don’t have it - win/lose (kills energy)

All these things destroy energy and creativity. The whole thing is based on stuff. 

The Abundance Spiral

  1. Starts with Gratitude - the single most powerful energy producing emotion on the planet. People love being around people who are grateful. 
  2. Appreciation - both a psychological and economic meaning. Appreciation means growth (stocks etc) you appreciate the value of something. 
  3. Creativity - Steve Jobs said creativity is about putting things together. You only put things together that you love and appreciate. 
  4. Cooperation - capitalism is an every expanding systems among strangers. 
  5. Opportunity 
  6. Ingenuity
  7. Exponentials

Put an abundance barrier between these two systems and continuously surround yourself with people who are energy people - the abundance neighborhood

The mechanism for growing your future is growing your energy and you end up in the abundance neighbourhood.

Joe Polish - Genius Network

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