Food As Medicine, The Blood Type Diet and The Ketogenic Diet

Inspired By  Dr. Mark Hyman
8 mins

Quick Summary

Food is not just calories. It's instructions and information for turning on or off health and disease. Dr Mark Hyman is brilliant Functional Doctor who looks at the root cause of how our bodies function. In this video, he answers some great questions that you may have found yourself pondering. 

Ever had these questions? If so you'll find some great answers to them in this short video.

 1 - “Is it really worth it to spend extra money on good food? Does it make a difference?” 

2 - “Eating for your blood type advocates say that those with O blood type shouldn’t eat anything with coconut, but it’s so good for you. What are your thoughts on this?”

3 - “Is there such a thing as a vegetarian or a vegan ketogenic diet?”

House Call with Dr. Hyman

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