Combat Cancer, Heal Your Metabolism, And Use Fat For Fuel

Inspired By  Dr. Joseph Mercola
1 hr 9 mins

Quick Summary

Brilliant interview. Joeseph brings together so many key health insights that we've heard over and over by leading health scientists and bio-hackers. If you want an info packed interview on health this one is a must!

Some key points from the interview;

  • What simple principle inspired Dr. Mercola to shift his focus to more natural medicine.
  • Why reversing cancer begins with healing the metabolism.
  • How much of your bodyweight is actually mitochondria.
  • The important role that mitochondria play in eliminating cancer cells.
  • How much of your body’s energy is stored in the form of fat.
  • Why a ketogenic diet is incredibly beneficial for healing the metabolism.
  • What the potential pitfall can be from using a ketogenic diet long-term.
  • How Dr. Mercola recommends cycling your carbohydrate intake each week.
  • The common protein mistake that people make on a ketogenic diet.
  • How hepatic gluconeogenesis keeps your blood sugar low even after a high-carb meal.
  • Why the advocacy against eating fat was correct (and where it went wrong).
  • Whether or not flaxseeds and flaxseed oil are good for you (critical to know!).
  • Why it’s important to cycle your foods and supplements.
  • Which popular mineral supplement could be causing major health problems.
  • How to ensure that you’re optimizing your Vitamin D levels in a smart way.
  • The surprising impact that cold thermogenesis has on mitochondria.
  • Why getting your body grounded can help reduce stress hormones and inflammation.
  • How exercise can powerfully impact your mitochondria and brain function.

Dr. Joseph Mercola's Book Fat for Fuel - on Audible on Amazon

Interview by Shawn Stevenson - The Model Health Show

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