Becoming One of The Top Speakers In The World

Inspired By  Sean Stephenson, Joe Polish
56 mins

Quick Summary

Time to be more visible or hone your speaking skills? This is a wonderful interview for anyone wanting to learn from the brilliant and sincere speaker Sean Stephenson.

Sean shares his amazing story of overcoming insurmountable life obstacles to becoming one of the top speakers in the world. He also shares techniques for making any audience laugh (or cry), and how to get your first $10,000 speaking fee (even if you’ve never been booked as a speaker before).

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Sean in this episode:

  • Sean shares his amazing story of overcoming insurmountable life obstacles to becoming one of the top speakers in the world
  • The most important skill that can help you command a crowd, influence millions of people and positively change the world
  • How to become a highly paid speaker and create the “big three” for yourself: Fame. Fortune. Impact.
  • “I was scared sh*tless. I was sweating bullets. I was a nervous wreck.” Joe candidly talks about his first public speaking experience…
  • A simple mindset shift that will help you get totally calm, comfortable and confident with speaking, especially if you’re scared to speak to people
  • Secrets of The Most Impactful Communicators: What the greatest speakers in the world do differently than everyone else
  • The science behind people’s fear of public speaking and a simple technique for getting rid of this fear forever
  • 4 mistakes people make from the stage and what you need to do instead to keep people engaged AND get a standing ovation
  • The P.U.L. Method: Sean’s 3-part system for crafting a message that flows perfectly, moves people emotionally and connects with almost anyone
  • 2 techniques for making any audience laugh (and a technique for making any audience cry)
  • A strategy for connecting with event coordinators and getting valuable paid speaking engagements
  • How to get your first $10,000 speaking fee even if you’ve never been booked as a speaker before

Show Notes

  • Sean started speaking 24 years ago as a way to make some side money after being turned down from a few regular jobs, and during his first gig he discovered he loved it.
  • Sean has never received a paycheck from a normal employer, he went directly into running his own business.
  • Excuses are not a barrier to your success.
  • There is so much more than face value when it comes to people.
  • Name three great leaders in history, they will probably be great orators.
  • You don’t need to speak well if you’re going to play small in life, but if you’re going to make an impact you are going to need to speak well.
  • Your communication skills have a direct impact on the quality of your life and relationships.
  • We spent a lot of time in tribes where if we were rejected from the tribe it meant certain death. We eventually developed a healthy fear of ostracism.
  • Some of our fear is biological, and the rest is personal. Getting over your fear of speaking means realizing that other people need your help and thinking about them instead of you.
  • Whatever you fear and don’t face, controls you. Whatever you fear and face, you control.
  • Just learning how to be a better public speaker will have a major impact on the rest of your life.
  • It doesn’t matter that someone believes in you, it matters when you believe in you.
  • Your audience doesn’t hear your internal dialogue, you have to push through it.
  • The first public speaking gig you get may be your worst one, but you have to be willing for it to be bad before it can become good.
  • Everyone who is world class can tell you stories about when they were starting out where they weren’t very good.
  • Outline some bullet points to reference when giving a speech, when you speak from the heart it may end up in a ramble.
  • Practice first and avoid getting caught on a pet phrase.
  • Not modulating your voice will put everyone in your audience to sleep. When you change the rhythm and cadence of your voice, it keeps people engaged.
  • When you get up on stage, people want to hear your personal story transitioned to the universal with valuable lessons included that they can take away.
  • The purpose of a speech is to transfer ideas, shift emotions, and get people to rethink their life.
  • The moment the brain gets confused, it checks out. You have to be clear with your message.
  • All humor is an exaggerated version of the truth or an exaggerated version of a lie.
  • In order to make an audience feel amazing you have to make them see the pain in their life that’s unresolved. Most of us are looking for an excuse to cry for something outside our lives, it gives you permission to feel your own pain.
  • Take people on an emotional ride and send them off on a high note.
  • To get on the main stage, you have to get on the side stage. Start with the event coordinators and showcase your best content.

Interview by Genius Network

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