A Method To x100 Your Productivity

Inspired By  Robin Sharma
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Quick Summary

In today's world, exponential productivity is so important. Here are some brilliant tips to get you focused on what's really important to kick your productivity to the next level.  

BRAIN TATOO: An addiction to distraction will be the death of your creative production 

BRAIN TATOO: We live in a world where focus is more valuable than intelligence.

Most people are walking around while watching their social feeds, totally consumed by it. The most creative and productive people on the planet are doing real work that matters.

1 - The 90/90/1 rule

For the next 90 days, spend the first 90 minutes of your work day to focus on the single most important opportunity to move the needle in your industry. 

The morning hours are when you have the most focus, the most energy and the most willpower. So that is when you want to use the first 90 minutes as show time. 

2 - Tight bubbles of total focus

Your environment is so important. Install environments of tight bubbles of total focus. Be very hard to reach at certain times of the week so you don’t get distracted. 

Research shows we spend 2.1 hours a day in distraction and it takes 21 minutes to refocus. 

Have certain days you have as creative days. On those days you can go device free and be in total solitude. Be in very minimalist environments so you’re completely distraction free and you will drop from Beta state into Alpha state. 

3 - Choose your peer group really well

The number 1 way to improve your behaviour is to surround yourself with a social circle who are also playing at the level you are playing at. Populate your life with high performers. 

In the brain we have mirror neurons. These mirror neurons help us model the behaviour of the dominant people around us. Subconsciously we are modelling the behaviour of the people we spend most of our time with. 

Why is it important to surround yourself with a peer set of inspired people?

Emotional contagion - that’s a scientific phenomenon. We pick up the emotions of people around us. People who want to do great work, be ultra productive, inspired, optimising their work, thinking and creativity, will allow you to adopt their energy and ways of being. 

4 - Learned minimalism


Be ultra productive by adopting the mindset of learned minimalism.

These people understand the secret to genius is not complexity, but simplicity.

These people only fill their days with a few things, not lots of things. 

Focus on being world class at just a few things. Pick 3 projects that you want to focus on this year. Focus on the trinity of your assets - your focus, your energy and your willpower on those few things, they will allow you to birth art into the world. Which will allow the world to call you world

Focus on the trinity of your assets - your focus, your energy and your willpower. By focusing on a few things, this will allow you to birth art into the world which will allow the world to call you world-class.

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