50 life statements that inspired me from UPW Sydney 2017

Inspired By  Brendan Veary
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Quick Summary

The video is just a clip of Tony being speechless on stage, it was very late on Saturday and the energy in the room was electric.

I recently attended the Tony Robbins UPW in Sydney on my quest to figure out what life is all about and what are the principles to live our lives by, especially coming from the ‘I’m not your guru’ who is doing OK for himself and helping billions of people.

After 4 days of walking on fire, dancing my ass off, no seriously there was a shit load of high energy dancing all the time. Minimal food breaks, loads of insightful and juicy content, lots of great speakers as well as lots of raw energy and power coming right at us from Tony himself. (ok so there was a fair bit of spit coming our way too when he was standing right in front of us, totally impressed by him)

I have condensed my whole 4 days down into these 50, let’s call them ‘life statements’:

  1. It is up to me to create and manifest any inspired thoughts that drop in.
  2. Seek possibility in every opportunity and adversity
  3. Choose to expand your thoughts, radiate your essence out, shine brightly in the world
  4. Be a force of creation - Focus - Massive Action - Grace
  5. Life happens for me (not to me)
  6. Money makes me more of who I am
  7. Trade suffering for gratitude, love, appreciation
  8. What can I give, what can I love?
  9. Focus on others, not myself - Fear & Anger can’t exist when in a state of Gratitude & Love
  10. Our self-mastery lies in the distance between our reaction and response when triggered. 
  11. I am the master of my Focus, my Physiology and my State
  12. Be playful with my internal thoughts (they are conditioned thoughts we inherit from 1000’s of years ago, we are not our thoughts)
  13. Choose to live beyond FEAR, beyond I am not enough, I won’t be loved
  14. We are loved - someone once loved you for you to survive (if we are not loved/fed/nurtured at birth we literally die)
  15. Learn to go with my fear, dance with your fear, step into it, use it to our advantage
  16. Master ‘the meaning we give things’ in our lives - our words and phrases we choose give everything a meaning. Our focus, language and physiology create meaning. 
  17. Meaning creates emotion and emotions create the quality of our lives
  18. Choose to be resourceful, it is never about the resources we have, just our own resourcefulness
  19. Change expectation for appreciation
  20. Make decisions from an expanded open state of love, not from conditioned fear or limitations, patterns or cultural metaphors we pick up
  21. Identify what core needs do you need to be met? (Certainty, Significance, Variety, Connection/Love, Growth, Contribution)
  22. My brain does not know the difference between real or imagined (imagine eating a lemon, we salivate at the thought alone)
  23. Have a specific outcome, a big reason WHY. Then take massive/structured action. Adjust your course as you go. Follow your North Star.
  24. It is not about what you know, it is more about what you DO
  25. All progress comes from breaking existing patterns. Change is progress.
  26. We create lasting change from 3 beliefs. 1) This MUST change now  2) I must change this now  3) I CAN change it now - look forwards
  27. Everything in our lives is shaped by our beliefs
  28. To create change in our lives we must - Get leverage (pain vs pleasure), Interrupt and annihilate the limiting pattern, Create and practice a NEW pattern, reinforce as a new habit
  29. Praise yourself and celebrate everything.
  30. Have personal ‘ass-itude’ (shake your ass when challenged, stuck)
  31. Human momentum is forward motion with emotion
  32. Our destiny lies in the decisions we make
  33. When frustrated, ask a better question
  34. The universe conspires FOR me, for us. What we focus on, where our energy is directed and what our emotional thoughts are consumed by, get created by the universe FOR us. (it just a shame most of my thoughts are my monkey mind chattering away stuff that happened to me as a child and won’t let go of it)
  35. Be expectant - expect things to go your way, to work out, for opportunities to come out of nowhere. Life will pay whatever you ask of it.
  36. Ask intelligently, ask specifically, ask someone who already has the ability. 
  37. Create Value first than ask with certainty and conviction and then ASK until…(be tenacious)
  38. Condition myself daily - the habits that we perform daily, the training we get up early for, are what we become. It is these small but consistent steps towards our goal that put us firmly on the path of success. It is what we DO every day that determines who we become.
  39. Practice incantations - (what is an incantation?) These are affirmations with emotional intensity. I like to keep affirmations in the present tense too - I am loved. (feel it in your body, put yourself in a state where you feel really loved while saying this to yourself.
  40. We don’t get our goals, we get who we believe we are
  41. Decide who you spend your time with, make this a very conscious choice
  42. Our lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of our peer group
  43. Everything you need, someone else can help you with, if you can meet their needs
  44. The quality of our life is where we live our life emotionally
  45. Create a compelling future, schedule in advance the important stuff, envision it and schedule it
  46. Take time out to transform/work on yourself yearly - meditation/yoga retreat etc.
  47. Our thoughts are primed by our environment, be aware of the thoughts passed onto us from the 1000’s of years of conditioning our parents, grandparents, media, society throws around every day
  48. Absolute certainty leads to execution - we don’t follow through on our dreams if there is doubt or we feel unworthy, non-deserving of achieving success.
  49. We get what we tolerate, we need to permanently raise our standards to outstanding (good doesn’t cut it anymore in a world saturated with great, we need to be outstanding)
  50. Are you worthy? Are you lovable? Do you need to fit in? Are you afraid of being outstanding?Are you afraid of not being accepted, liked, fitting in? DO it anyway - you are divine, be true, be you

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